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The Administrative Office of the Court is located at Courthouse East, Room 200, 111 N. Calvert Street , Baltimore , Mary land and consists of one Court Administrator, one Deputy Court Administrator, four Associate Administrators, one Administrative Supervisor, one Fiscal Officer, one Personnel Officer, one Mail Clerk and one Secretary. The Court Administrator is appointed by a majority of the Circuit Court judges and oversees all of the administrative responsibilities of the Circuit Court. The Associate Administrators are responsible for the day-to-day functions of the Court in the areas of budget and finance, civil case management, juvenile court administration, domestic relations court administration, and criminal case information systems. 

The Office of the Court Administrator is also responsible for Circuit Court personnel administration, facilities management and technology planning and implementation. It is the administrator's role to facilitate administrative functions within the court and to develop and carry out policies that enhance court system performance.

The Court Administrator must ensure that all court departments function together, even though each department may have a separate and distinct function within the court system. That is, the Court Administrator must balance the needs of other departments that work within the courthouses, such as the Clerk of Court, Jury Commissioner, and State's Attorney's Office, as well as the Department of General Services, the City Bureau of Purchasing, the Office of Pre-Trial Release and the Department of Corrections. 

The Court Administrator also coordinates efforts of all contractors and architects working on courthouse projects in order to ensure that projects remain on schedule and consistent with Court needs.

Finally, the Court Administrator serves as liaison with other City, State and Federal agencies, as well as the media and general public.