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Family Docket - Frequently Asked Questions  
[Civil] [Criminal] [Family] [Juvenile]

  1. How do I get an emergency hearing?  
    (Emergency Procedures)
  2. How do I postpone my court date?  
    (Postponement Policy)
  3. How do I obtain an Ex Parte Order for protection from Domestic Violence?  
    (DV Case flow)
  4. How do I get legal representation?  
    (Legal Representation Resources)
  5. Can people at the court help me with my problems?

    The attorneys who staff the pro se project in room 114 of courthouse east (111 North Calvert Street) can help you fill out forms and can give you limited legal advice.  The project is open M-F, from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

    Clerks and other employees of the court can help you with the following: 

    • General information about where you can obtain court forms;
    • General information about rules and procedures;
    • Public information on court records.

    Clerks and other employees of the court are not allowed to give you legal advice.  Legal advise is information about any of the following topics: 

    • Which form or procedure it would be better to use;
    • Which words to use when filling out a form;
    • Suggestions about what you “should do”;
    Recommendations about specific attorneys or groups of attorneys (other than nonprofit groups) that may be able to help you.